Follow These 4 Rules to Get the Best Veil for Your Wedding Gown

Some brides may spoil the beauty of their custom wedding gown by not paying ample attention to the veil that they choose to go with that gown. This article discusses some guidelines that you should follow in order to order a veil that will make you truly shine when you are wearing your custom-made wedding gown.

Consider Your Size

The veil that you select should be ideal for your body size. For instance, a floor-length veil will make you appear to be much taller if you have a petite frame. However, taller brides can select mid-length veils because such veils will not make them to appear to be any taller than they already are. Shorter brides can look fabulous when they pick a birdcage veil. You should therefore select a veil based on what will be a match for your body type.

Remember the Colour of Your Gown

A veil should never have a different colour from the gown. Such a veil can draw attention away from the gown and yet the gown is supposed to be the focal point of your bridal attire. You should therefore make sure that the veil is of the same hue as the gown so that it complements instead of detracts from the gown.

Consider the Back of Your Gown

The back of your gown should also determine your choice of a veil. For instance, a gown with detailed embroidery at the back can be matched with a sheer veil. Such a veil ensures that the back of the gown will remain visible even if one is wearing a long veil. Veils made from double layers of tulle are suitable for brides who don't want to show off the back of their wedding gowns.

Mind the Style of the Gown

Some custom-made gowns have intricate details, such as embroidered jewels. Such gowns should be paired with a simple veil so that the bridal attire looks balanced. However, it may be advisable to select an adorned veil in case you decided to have your gown to be made in a simple style. In short, the veil should accentuate the style of the gown.

Many more details need to be considered when having a veil made to go with your customized wedding gown. It may therefore be necessary for you to voice your ideas, but defer to the expert opinion of the person making your gown. That professional will do everything in his or her power to ensure that your veil and gown are a good match for each other.