Creating your own wedding vows

If you are looking for ways to personalise your wedding ceremony, one of the most sentimental options is to write your own wedding vows. It's the ultimate way to profess your love for your partner on this special day which is all about professing your love for your partner in front of friends and family. Here are some places to look for inspiration as you write your vows.

Talk to your celebrant

Your wedding celebrant sees more weddings than most people and has a wealth of experience of wedding ceremonies to draw on for some ideas for your ceremonies. They can tell you about some of the more unique and touching vows they have seen, and this can provide you with a great jumping off point to start writing your own vows. They will hopefully have gotten a strong idea of the type of wedding you want.

The celebrant can advise which sections of the vows you need to speak for your marriage to be legally binding and which sections can be modified.

Tell the story of when you first knew you loved each other

Some people knew that they loved their spouse the first time they met them, while others took a while to fall in love. Sharing that time with your friends and family can be a beautiful and engaging way to start your vows, and it can provide you with some great ideas for the rest of your vows. This also allows you to show your friends and family some of your personal and shared moments in a way that you may not often get to share with them.

Share a favourite reading or poem

If you come from different faiths, and are having a civil ceremony, personalised vows can give you a chance to reference some special speeches or readings from both of your backgrounds. If you are not religious, some other options are to use quotes from favourite songs, movies, poems or books. You can even read poems or speeches that your parents or grandparents used at their weddings. This is a great way to reference your family history at this pivotal moment when you are creating this new branch of the family with your marriage.

Personalised vows are a beautiful way to share your love with your partner as well as your family on this special day. Discuss your intention to personalise your vows with your celebrant early so they can create a unique ceremony around your vows.