3 Great Trends in Wedding Receptions You’ll Want to Plan for Your Big Day

Your wedding reception is as important as the ceremony itself, and you want to make this a fun event that everyone will enjoy and remember. You can do that if you rent the right equipment and props that will really dress up the venue and set a festive mood. Check out a few great trends in wedding receptions that you'll want think about for your big day, and how to make them happen.

1. Create a theme

You may have chosen certain colors for your wedding, but what about a theme for your reception? This can really set a party mood and make the reception more memorable.

For instance, you might opt for a Paris theme and have a cutout of the Eiffel Tower for photos, or choose a casual beach theme and have a margarita bar set up in a corner. For a winter wedding, choose a winter wonderland theme and rent Styrofoam snowman props, and a machine that creates artificial snow. No matter the type of theme you want for your wedding reception, you're sure to find the right props that will make it come to life.

2. Have a candy buffet

A candy buffet is a fun choice for a wedding as it allows guests to help themselves to whatever bulk candy they want, and it can also act as a centerpiece for the reception. A candy buffet is a table of large jars filled with bulk candy, or with individual servings of wrapped candy. The buffet is fun and also very eye-catching.

You can typically rent the glass jars you need for the candy along with scoops, and you then simply need to add a few bowls for guests. Decorative items can then make it as beautiful as it is fun. Choose electric candles to give the jars a nice glow, or rent a fancy tablecloth to make the candy buffet stand out at the reception area.

3. Light up the dance floor

To make your wedding reception more enjoyable and memorable, you'll want to light up the dance floor. Don't settle for a bland dance area but rent strobe lights or a spotlight, or cube seating that is lighted from underneath. You can also rent a fog machine or a confetti machine, which sprays confetti over the dancers for a fun touch. You can also use certain machines for special dances, such as the confetti machine for the bride and groom or the spotlight for family members as they're introduced to the dance floor.  

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