Top Ideas To Create Vintage Themed Wedding Reception

Vintage wedding receptions continue to be in vogue with those planning their nuptials. Capturing the essence of a bygone era through the theme and style of your wedding day to create a vintage themed wedding requires thinking about the small details and finer touches. There are plenty of elements that need to come together to ensure the vintage wedding goes off without a hitch. Luckily, there's plenty of inspiration out there to create a very vintage air. Here are some of the top ideas for a vintage wedding from those that have gone before you:

1.Use Handmade Decorations and Décor

Handmade decorations that are not produced en masse will feel more original and reminiscent of those that were used in the past. Decorations made from fabric and materials including paper, tin, or weathered timber help to feel as though they were used between the 30s to the 60s and tell a story of the past. Paper lanterns around the venue are popular, and paper doilies used as part of the tableware help to bring an old fashioned feel to the table. Other rustic inspired decorations including hessian tablecloths and crates of produce or straw bales are often used to help create a vintage farmhouse feel.

Vintage flowers include roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. Even branches of berries, cotton and twigs can make beautiful and classic arrangements to decorate the venue.

2.Consider Pastels and a Muted Colour Scheme

Vintage colour schemes typically use pastels like lavender, light greens and warm muted colours including pastel browns, beiges, and apricot colours. Whatever colours that you end up going with, make sure to limit your colour choices to no more than five, with three major dominant colours and perhaps two secondary or complimentary colours.

These colours should consistently be used on wedding stationary, table decorations and other pieces of décor around the venue to create consistency throughout the event. Some people stick to very plain browns, beiges whites and creams, but for those wanting more choice, pastels can offer a more diverse palette.

3. Find Heritage and Original Venues

Successful vintage themed wedding are often held in old venues with loads of character. These are often rustic original buildings, including country churches, village scout halls and receptions at a large plantation style bed and breakfast property or historic home. The benefit for those getting married is that these are often a fraction of the cost of character-devoid hotel function rooms in the inner city.

4.  Dress the Part

The dress code is something that needs to be consistent throughout any vintage themed event – particularly a wedding. Implementing a dress code can ensure ladies can be encouraged to wear vintage style 1950s dresses, cardigans and lots of red lipstick. For the guys, pin striped shirts and pants and even a spotted bow tie or suspenders can be the finishing touch to create a vintage inspired outfit. 

With a vintage dress code, the right handmade decorations, colour scheme and heritage venue, you can be assured you can create a beautiful and memorable vintage wedding with consistent theming throughout the special event. Final tip: use a brown or sepia tone for the wedding photos, which help those wedding photos come to life in all their vintage-themed glory. For more information, contact a business such as The Grande Reception & Function Centre.