Wedding Supplies For A Backyard Wedding

As weddings have gotten more elaborate, the average cost of an Australian wedding is now over $36,000 according to ASIC. With prices that high, no wonder there is a growing movement to simplify weddings back to their roots of a celebration of love, family and commitment.

Here are some ideas for a backyard wedding that will have everyone talking.

Jam jar vases

Ask friends and relatives to collect jam jars and pasta jars in the months leading up to the wedding. You can fill these with flowers from the garden and posies from the florist for a retro flower arrangement. You can place tea lights in the jars if the party goes in the evening.

You can match these to hand wrapped posies to be held by the bridesmaids and bride.

Potluck dinner

Hire a warming tray set up from a wedding supply store, and work on preparing some meals ahead of time. Ask some of your close friends and family to make large meals that can be warmed on day to create a range of delicious meals to serve to your guests. You can supplement the home-prepared meals with bread rolls and other pre-packaged foods if you need.

Ask your parents for their memories of the food that was served at their wedding. Evoking memories through the food and cooking for a wedding can be a great way to involve your family and form a connection through the generations.

Table settings

Hire or borrow tables and chairs for your guests to sit at. You can purchase or hire white tablecloths and chair covers to visually match the table's even if the size and shape of the tables is different. Tablecloths can often be hired to be returned dirty, which minimises the clean up work the next day.

Keep the table set up easy to move so that the groomsmen can clear away some of the tables as the night goes on to create the dance floor.


Look to hire some lighting if your party continues into the evening. Wedding supply stores can provide fairy lights and balloons, which you can use to mark out different areas such as dance floor or food service areas.

Remember to enjoy your wedding planning, because the day you are creating is all about you and your loved ones. There is no need to have cookie cutter wedding when you can have a fun day that truly reflects your personality and values. For more information, contact a business such as Dazzling Decor.